Second-Hand Saturday: Little Blue Clutch

I carried this fabulous, little blue clutch with me EVERYWHERE between the ages of 4-5 years old.

It was my Momma’s back in the 80s and then she gave it to me to “play with” as a kid. What can I say, I’ve always had a thing for bags, and apparently I’ve always had impeccable taste. Recently, while going through vintage items at my Grandma’s house I was reunited with my little blue bag, it was in my toy chest – right where I left it.

Vintage is very “in” right now and a simple, stylish clutch never goes out of style. I’ve paired it with several outfits lately and I always get so many compliments on it. I absolutely LOVE this bag.

So, now I actually get to do the “grown up girl” things I pretended to do when I carried the bag around as a kid. Fashion goes full circle – pretty darn cool.


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