How to Walk in Heels

Inevitably, anytime I am out and about I see a girl tragically trying to walk in heels. These girls usually have the grace of a T-Rex trying to tap dance.

Most women love heels. They’re fun, sexy, sassy and they make your legs look amazing – so what’s not to like? So, rather than take heels completely out of your fashion repertoire and banish you to a lifetime of wearing flats, I’m going to give a few simple tips to make walking in heels easy and fun!

  • If you’re a newbie to the high heels scene, choose a low heel or a wedge to start with. Then, you can move up to the no-training-wheels heels once you’ve had some practice in these shoes.
  • Find a good place to practice. Make sure you have plenty to hold onto, or fall onto as may be the case! Stand up on the heels slowly, find your center of gravity because it will be higher than usual. Flex your legs at the knees to steady yourself.
  • Balance on the balls of your feet. When you take a step place your heel down before your toe, and remember that good posture is key in keeping your balance and achieving a graceful, and even sexy walk.

  • The bottoms of new shoes are very slippery, this can make walking in heels even harder. Nobody wants to take a tumble! So, put on your new heels and walk outside to your driveway, or anywhere with a concrete surface. Lightly scuff up the bottom of your shoes, so that they aren’t slick anymore and you won’t be as prone to have a slip-and-fall!
  • Take a spare pair of comfy and cute flats with you as back-up! I always do this, and I’m pretty much a professional when it comes to wearing heels. You never want any part of your wardrobe to make your night uncomfortable. A cute pair of flats is a remedy for when your feet start to get a little achy.

So, remember – practice, practice, practice and always take comfy shoes as back-up! Happy heel hunting!


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